‘Giving Beyond’ Medical Outreach


Through Silent Mentors, who donate their bodies and their life stories for the betterment of medical education, training and research, our instructors and students gain knowledge and soft skills to be humane doctors with the core values of ‘truth, goodness and beauty’. Based on one of the AFSM six pillars of humanity teaching, volunteerism, the faculty and students of AFSM set forth the Medical Outreach Program, in giving back to the society and beyond. In addition, the Medical Outreach program is supported by AFSM volunteers from other disciplines to foster the wish of ‘Giving Beyond’.


AFSM of the people is built by the people, for the people. i•Silent Mentor Program being established to look after the lives of our silent mentors before their passing away, is unique in giving opportunities for the i•Silent Mentor to interact with our students and our institution as a whole. The ‘Giving Beyond’ medical outreach is our response to the great wish of ‘Giving Beyond this life’ of our beloved silent mentors.


For medical team, the outreach program offers a medium to serve the community in need at their doorsteps, as a means of giving back to the society.

For the community, the outreach program delivers healthcare at a primary level with the aim of disease prevention and treatment.

The Aims

The aims are:


  1. To establish a mutual understanding and respect between patients and doctors in the community through empathy and giving.
  2. Being supported by the society, it is our role to give back to society in the form of voluntary medical outreach services to the community in need through a sustainable giving back program.
  3. To disseminate the concept of i•Silent Mentor to the community and gain support from the society in the form of body donation, volunteers, and funding, towards a self-sustainable ecosystem for the well-being of Academy For Silent Mentor.

The 'Giving Beyond' Pledge

The Pledger, of AFSM Medical Outreach, declares the will to donate 7% of their annual time voluntarily to do good for the society as an AFSM volunteer.


This pledge of 7% provides a guide for the volunteers to benchmark their contributions, not as a target, but a motivation to perform good for others.