Director Message

Director Message

“I voluntarily donate my body for the good of others.”


This is a great wish for an i • Silent Mentor, a good person who holds a good thought and does a good deed for public good with no borders.


When life ends, you could not only return onto earth, but cross borders to become a silent mentor of a medical academy, an independent not-for-profit learning institute with the sole purpose of fulfilling the great wishes of our i • Silent Mentors.


Regardless of the religious beliefs of our silent mentors, the teachers, the students and the Academy will pay the utmost gratitude, respect and love. Not only do they pledge to donate their bodies, they also prepare to share their life stories as a teaching tool for liberal arts and humanity education.


Upon signing the pledge on the Academy For Silent Mentor Pledge Book, they reaffirm the core values of i • Silent MentorTruth, Goodness and Beauty. Thus begins a new milestone in their life journeys and they will live and breathe in the present moment. Each breath they take, each moment they live, they will trans-form their mind towards a happy and beautiful moment with love. Love thy neighbours, they selflessly and self willingly contribute to society by doing a final good deed- donating their bodies with an altruistic love.


In essence, they will leave with good thoughts, a peaceful mentality and the righteous sense of doing a virtuous deed for the betterment of society. In Academy For Silent Mentor, it does not stop with pledging. The day you pledge, the Academy is committed to provide you a platform for transforming your mind, transforming your life and transforming your future.



Professor Dr Chin Kin Fah
Chairman and Founding Director
Academy For Silent Mentor