Body Donation and Medical Workshop

  • To turn the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal and provide selfless love to the benefit of the society; to let life have a greater significance.
  • Popularise education opportunities, cultivate more medical professionals with competence and medical ethics.
  • Achieving freedom of mind through diversified and balanced learning.

Medical Outreach Program

  • To establish a mutual understanding and respect between patients and doctors in the community
    through empathy and giving.
  • To give back to society in the form of voluntary medical outreach services to the community in
    need through a sustainable giving back program.
  • To disseminate the concept of i•Silent Mentor to the community and gain support from the society
    in the form of body donation, volunteers, and funding, towards a self-sustainable ecosystem for
    the well-being of Academy For Silent Mentor.

The Giving Beyond Pledge

The Pledger, of AFSM Medical Outreach, declares the will to donate 7% of their annual time voluntarily to do good for the society as an AFSM volunteer. This pledge of 7% provides a guide for the volunteers to benchmark their contributions, not as a target, but a motivation to perform good for others.