Organisation Structure

Organisation Structure

Board of Directors Pro Bono Publico


Prof. Dr. Chin Kin Fah


Dato’ Frank Choo Chuo Siong

Company Secretary:

Edwina Chee Ong

Legal Advisor:

Wong Huey Min
Tan Ai Li


Messrs Kang & Cheah,
Ong Tee Chew AMP.,C.A.,CPA.,ACA

Independent Board of Ethicists and Humanitarian Pro Bono Publico


Prof. Tseng Guo-Fang

Board Member:

Prof. Tseng Guo-Fang

Tan Sri Dr Sak Cheng Lum
Venerable Ming Ji
Reverend Lee Sai Yew
Dr Ho Gwo Fuang
Esther Law Lee Poh
Lee Hong Keow
Venerable Jue Cheng

Function: To advise the AFSM regarding humanistic and ethics of the silent mentor program and its education, training and research activities.

Executive Committee Pro Bono Publico


Prof. Dr Chin Kin Fah

Company Secretary:

Edwina Chee Ong

Legal Advisor :

Tan Ai Li

Secretary General:

Ling Sie Ling


Prof. Cheng Ming Yu

Operation Manager:

Yii Jia Bao (Staff)

Assistant Operation Manager:

Neoh Shi Hui

Human Resource Manager:

Ooi Lay Khuan

Communication/Marketing Manager:

Kidman Kok Mun Kiat

Project Development Manager:

Chin Siat Fong

Head of Audio- Visual- Art Department:

He Yong Kang

Head of Medical Engineering Department:

Koh Ann Jee

Head of Secretariat Department:

Ling Sie Ling

Head of Theatre Department:

Lai Lee Lee

Head of Event Management:

Jakly Cox


Department of Audio-Visual-Art

Head Pro Bono:

He Yong Kang

Videographer Pro Bono:

Tan Hoy Hua

Photographer Pro Bono:

Lim Shy Tean
Lim Chin Tong
Yap Tsi Ti
Tay Fuey Tat

Art and Design Pro Bono:

Vyna Ng Chooi Thing
Tay Ei Ling
Tay Ei Chi


Ling Sie Ling

Department of Medical Engineering Pro Bono Publico

Head Engineer:

Koh Ann Jee


Ally Ng

Medical Physicist:

Assoc. Prof. Yeong Chai Hung

Department of Theatre Management Pro Bono Publico

Head of Department

Lai Lee Lee


Lee Sian Boy

Department of Secretariat

Head of Department

Ling Sie Ling


Jeff Ng Chen Howe
Jita Tsai Ling Sik
Jee Yian Nee
Tsan Wei Ling
Chin Siet Joo
Chin Chui Yong
Liew Nyuk Jan
Shia Woan Zo

Department of Mass Communication Pro Bono

Head of Department

Kidman Kok Mun Kiat


Rosita Faisal
Ho Lee Peing

Department of Event Management

Head of Department

Jakly Cox


Dhyaanah Low
Jack Chen Shyang Ren
Neoh Shi Hui

Editorial Board

Head of Department

Ling Sie Ling


Lee Hoong Lian
Nai Seow Hong
Ho Lee Peing
Samantha Tsai
Jocelyn Jwo
Terence Chin Ming Kwan

Academic and Science Committee (Academician Pro Bono)


Prof. John Paul Evangel Judson


Prof. Dr Swaminathan a/l S Manickam

Undergraduate Surgical Skills:

Dr Neoh Shi Hui
AFSM surgical fellow

Minimally Invasive Surgery:

Dr Pok Eng Hong

Interventional Radiology:

Assoc. Prof. Yeong Chai Hong

Therapeutic Radiology:

Prof. BJ Abdullah; Prof Wah Tze Min (UK)

Upper GI:

Dr Siow Sze Li


Mr Nik Azim


Dr Paul Selvindoss


Prof John Chan Kok Meng


Prof. Dr Christopher Ho Chee Kong


Dr Ehfa Binti Bujan Safawi
Dr Margaret Leow

Head and Neck:

Dr Thomas Abraham


Assoc. Prof. Ihab Ali


Dr Jaweed


Assoc. Prof. Khine Pwint Phyu


Dr Lee Weng Seng


Dr Chua Yeok Pin

Conjoint Universities Committee

Academician UTAR Pro Bono:

Prof. Dr Alan Ong

Academician Taylors Pro Bono:

Win Min Thien

Academician INTI Pro Bono:

Ooi Lay Khuan

Academician UNIMAS Pro Bono:

Dr Ehfa bt Bujan Safawi

Pastoral Care Committee Pro Bono


Rev Lee Sai Yee


Fong Yee Leong


Nai Seow Hong

Ambassador Committee Pro Bono

Chow Soo Lin
Carrens Koh

Research And Development Committee Pro Bono

Prof. Dr. Chin Kin Fah
Assoc. Prof. Yeong Chai Hong
Prof Dr Alan Ong

Project Development Committee Pro Bono

Rachel Chin Siet Fong